Black Jacket Symphony Performs The Allman Brothers’ “Eat A Peach”

August 21, 2015 by Corey A. Edwards

Black Jacket Symphony Performs The Allman Brothers' “Eat A Peach"Mobile Alabama’s Saenger Theatre will come to life, September 12th, 2015, when The Black Jacket Symphony performs The Allman Brothers Band’s “Eat A Peach” album in its entirety!

The Black Jacket Symphony is a performance group that recreates classic rock albums note-for-note as true, symphonic pieces, then follows them up with a second set, more in the vein of a classic rock and roll concert, of the featured band’s greatest hits.

While certainly a tribute band of sorts, The Black Jacket Symphony’s performances go well beyond “just a tribute” status via the unique, detailed approach of their concerts and the high level of musicianship in the band.

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