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About Our Inn

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The Malaga Inn, a circa 1862 Mobile, Alabama hotel located in Downtown Historic District is the only Boutique Inn of its kind in the state. The Malaga Inn was originally built as twin townhouses by two brothers–in–law when the war was still going well for the South. Construction on the townhomes began shortly after the State of Alabama passed its secession ordinance in 1861. The townhouses remained in the Goldsmith and Frohlichstein families for many years, but as happens to many historic homes, they were eventually sold out of the family. They changed owners several times in the early 1900's until finally being purchased by the current owners' family in the mid 1960's.
Nearly a century after they were originally built, renovations began on the property, transforming it with a 2nd and 3rd story rear addition over the original carriage house. The two original townhomes were lovingly restored and many guests rooms open onto the central picturesque courtyard.
Today the Malaga Inn welcomes guests to enjoy with 39 private rooms and suites, each individually designed and custom made for comfort at our Mobile, Alabama hotel.
At present, the remaining original Carriage house is the location of many special events and weddings. Some of the secrets we still hide within in our walls are the tunnels under the West house which the owners believe used to be a hiding place by Confederate soldiers during the Civil War. We are happy to offer complimentary tours of our Historic Mobile, Alabama hotel to our guests upon availability.