Best BBQ in Mobile, AL

BBQ...a southern staple that places your mouth on a tasty roller coaster of sweet, spicy, and salty flavors. People from all over the world come to Mobile to get a taste of fresh meat off the local grills here, and once you get a whiff of that joyous BBQ scent, you'll join them.

You'll find countless BBQ restaurants throughout Mobile, but knowing which ones will combat your hunger pains the most effectively will help. At Malaga Inn, we know our barbecue, and we encourage our guests to familiarize themselves with local restaurants. Find your path to heaven on Earth down below!

Dreamland BBQ

Address: 3314 Old Shell Rd, Mobile

11AM - 9PM

Does this restaurant deliver?

Yes, you can receive delivery, curbside pick-up, or dine-in.

What is Dreamland BBQ?

This aptly named barbecue restaurant chain has a menu that will make any foodie smile. Dreamland has locations all over Alabama, Georgia, and the panhandle of Florida. If you are not from any of those areas, Dreamland BBQ can be the perfect introduction to classic southern BBQ!

You'll be able to eat smoked ribs, freshly cooked chicken wings, pulled pork, and more!
Check out the menu right here.

Meat Boss

Address: 5401 Cottage Hill Rd, Mobile

Tuesday - Thursday: 10AM - 6PM
Friday: 7AM - 6PM
Saturday: 8AM - 2PM
Closed Mondays and Sundays

Does this restaurant deliver?

No, but there is a pick-up option.

What is Meat Boss?

This hometown restaurant balances affordable prices with high-quality food! BBQ sandwiches are the main focus here, so if you are in the mood for a quick lunch stop, you can't do any better. Alternatively, you can buy smoked meats by the pound, which can work fantastic for large family vacations on a budget.

If you want a peek at the full menu, check it out here.

Saucy BBQ

Address: 1111 Government St, Mobile


Monday - Saturday: 10AM - 3PM

Does this restaurant deliver?

Saucy BBQ doesn't deliver, but you can still pick up your food or dine inside.

What is Saucy Q BBQ?

Saucy BBQ goes all in on the southern cuisine. Other restaurants may do BBQ well, but few restaurants have gone all in on southern food and atmosphere. You can eat Burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, loaded potatoes, classic soul food, and even fried catfish.

If you order online, you often will receive deals or specials to cut back on your vacation costs.
Check out the menu online before you visit!

Cotton State BBQ

Address: 101 N Conception St, Mobile


Weekdays: 11AM - 2PM
Closed Saturday and Sunday

Does this restaurant deliver?

Cotton State doesn't deliver, but allows takeout or dine in.

What is Cotton State BBQ?

The Cotton State BBQ serves quality food at an affordable price. Nothing here costs more than $10, and all of the menu options are tasty. The Loaded BBQ Fries or BBQ Nachos give a unique twist on a southern classic. You can add BBQ sauce to almost anything on the menu, including potatoes and hot dogs.

The unorthodox menu shouldn't scare you off, however. Learn more about the menu here.

Rodger's BBQ

Address: 2350 St Stephens Rd, Mobile

Sunday - Thursday: 10AM - 10PM
Friday - Saturday: 10AM - 12AM

Does this restaurant deliver?

Rodger's is only accepting takeout orders. They do not deliver.

What is Rodger's BBQ Menu?

This quaint Barbecue stop looks adorable on the outside, but the tastes on the inside are where it's at. You can either eat off the buffet menu, or you could ask for specific meals for a higher price. Rodger's BBQ goes for a home-y feel that you must try while you're in town.
Don't ever visit Alabama without tasting its BBQ! These restaurants should work for anybody looking for the sweet aroma of BBQ sauce and a fall-off-the-bone set of ribs. Look forward to your visit here!