Ring In 2017 With A MoonPie Over Mobile New Year's Eve!

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Join thousands of revelers in downtown Mobile, December 31st, to hear classic rock band .38 Special at the annual MoonPie Over Mobile New Year's Eve Celebration! Upwards of 50,000 people are expected to fill downtown Mobile, AL at this year's New Year's Eve celebration, MoonPie Over Mobile. The event has become a true Mobile tradition since 2008, the first year the giant MoonPie descended the pole to mark the new year. This year's celebration includes a number of different attractions, beginning with the cutting of the world's largest edible MoonPie! Each year, the Chattanooga Bakery creates a 154 pound MoonPie for the MoonPie Over Mobile event. The world's largest edible MoonPie is then cut up and served on a first come, first served basis to the events revelers. The giant MoonPie often yields enough for more than 170 people! Once the giant MoonPie is gone, it's time for the College Football Championship. The playoff game will be shown live from the stage located just off Bienville Square. After the game, Southern rockers .38 Special will take the stage. The classic band will rock the audience with timeless hits like "Rockin' into the Night," "Hold On Loosely," "Caught Up in You," "Second Chance," and more! Then it's countdown time as the giant 600-pound, electric MoonPie drops down the 12-foot pole to symbolize the start of the New Year! Why a MoonPie? No one really knows why but MoonPies are more popular in Mobile than any other city. More than four million MoonPies are sold here, annually! There so ubiquitous that they are even used as "throws" in Mobile’s Mardi Gras celebration. Throw are the things tossed to the parade crowd from floats during Mardi Gras. Once the MoonPie is down, the sky will fill with a laser light show and fireworks. Such fun!

MoonPie Over Mobile

December 31st, 2016 - Downtown Mobile, AL Be sure to visit www.mobilenewyear.com for more details as they come to light. Happy New Year! MoonPie Over Mobile Lodging Malaga Inn is located in downtown Mobile not far from the MoonPie Over Mobile festivities. Book your stay at Malaga Inn now!