Family Activities in Mobile, AL

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If you are planning a vacation to Mobile, you may be concerned that there isn't enough to do for your young-ins. We've mentioned historical houses, Mardi Gras, and museums on our website, but some of these wouldn't seem exciting or appropriate for a family vacation.

Thankfully, there are plenty of fun activities to keep your children engaged and well-behaved on your vacation. And while technically these can be fun for any age, they are perfect for children young and old.

Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center

Address: 65 Government St, Mobile, AL
Tuesday - Saturday: 10AM - 4PM
Closed Sundays and Mondays

Adult (13-64): $13 for exhibits, $8 for dome theater, $17 for an exhibit/theater combo.
Youth/Senior (7-12, or 65+): FREE for exhibits, $6 for dome theater, $6 for an exhibit/theater combo.

What is the Exploreum Museum?

The Gulf Coast Exploreum is the premier field trip place for many Mobile natives. However, it's not just for school children, but is an exciting place to spend an afternoon with the children. The Exploreum Museum has hands-on exhibits that showcase ancient archeology, scientific discoveries, and artistic paintings.

On top of that, the museum also has an IMAX theater that will transport you and your children to the rainforest or deep into ancient cave structures. Shows change throughout the year. For an added price you can take a VR flight experience with birds.

GulfQuest Maritime Museum

Address: 155 S Water, Mobile, AL
Wednesday - Saturday: 10AM - 4PM
Closed Sundays through Tuesdays

Adult (18-64): $10
Youth (5-17): $6
Children under 5: FREE
Seniors (65+), Military, College Student: $8

What is the GulfQuest Maritime Museum?

While the Exploreum tends to focus on historical and scientific achievements, GulfQuest showcases ocean exploration in its key exhibits. You'll be able to tour container ships, play with your kids in the Junior Mariners pavilion, simulate driving a boat, and see movies about the history of aquatic travel.

Our guests tend to enjoy this stop because it is close to the Malaga Inn and has activities that people of any age can enjoy.

Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

Address: 20499 Oak Rd E, Gulf Shores, AL
Hours: Every Day: 9AM - 4PM

Adults (13-54): $19.95
Seniors (55+), Military: $16.95
Children (3-12): $14.95
Children 2 and under: FREE

What is the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo?

The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo is a bit of a drive compared to the other attractions, but its "wow factor" is cranked up by ten. At this zoo, you won't only be able to see the animals in their exhibits, but you'll be able to have actual encounters with them. You may have a chance to feed them as well.

If you've ever wanted to hold a sloth, this should be the first bucket list item for your Mobile vacation.

Animal List

There are over 118 animals relaxing in the zoo. Here is a short list of the most notable.
Boa Constrictors
And much more!

Animal Encounters

If you're lucky, you can get in line for a magical encounter with some of the friendliest animals at the zoo. You can choose between a kangaroo, a lemur, a sloth, or our reptiles. Each encounter ticket is an additional $20 per person, but it is incredibly worth it.

Your kids will be shocked by the chance they'll have to hold a boa constrictor! Don't worry, experts supervise the exchange the whole way through!

While these are a few of the key highlights for a family vacation, there are still a ton of other places you can enjoy near Mobile! We hope this helps you plan your vacation to our beautiful corner of the world.

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