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USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park

People who come to Mobile often recognize it for its history. There is a historic district in the hub of town, several antebellum-style mansions, and a blend of French and American history. However, people tend to forget about its military history.

At the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park, you can learn about the military machines and strategies used in Mobile. You will come away with more respect for the country you live in here at Battleship Parkway.
The USS Alabama was one of the battleships created for the United States Navy in the 1930s. Being operated during WWII, the ship endured years of battle experience in the Pacific ocean. As time went on, new ships replaced some of the old ones, and the USS Alabama was converted into a museum in 1964.

What is the USS Alabama?

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When is the Memorial Park open?

The park is open every day from 8AM - 5PM. The only exceptions are holidays.

Where is the USS Alabama Battleship located?

2703 Battleship Pkwy, Mobile, AL
The museum is only a few minutes away from downtown Mobile, so it shouldn't take you too far from the Malaga Inn.

How much does USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park cost?

Admission Prices:
Ages 0-5: FREE
Ages 6-11: $6
Ages 12-55: $15
Ages 55+: $13
Veterans: $13
If you find the history mentioned above cool, but aren't sure what you can actually see here, it will become pretty obvious as you pull into the parking lot. We'll delve into each of the attractions so you can be totally informed before buying your tickets.

Explore the Battleship

As you walk onto the museum grounds, you'll see the titular battleship on the shore closest to you. Your admission ticket will allow you to board the vessel and learn about its major functions inside.

Rather than just reading about the ship out of a textbook, you'll be able to see the antiquated rooms the crewmates slept in, storage units, and some of the weaponry.

USS Alabama Submarine Tour

Venture into the USS Drum, one of the oldest American submarines on display for everyone to see! You can take a tour inside and learn what it takes to operate these underwater powerhouses. You'll learn about the brave 72-person crew and their pet dog!

Aircraft Pavilion

Another section of the tour you'll see clearly are the airplanes and military vehicles. You'll find cold war spy planes, Korean War planes, and even WWII models of aircraft.


Those wanting to see something special should visit the museum during the events that they host.

For example, you can watch WWII reenactments with costumes, firearms, and fully scripted sequences. Listen to the music played by soldiers on Veterans Day, or honor the fallen soldiers in commemoration ceremonies.

Trying to plan your vacation? Check out the list of events on the USS Alabama website!

What can you see at the USS Battleship Memorial Park?

Frequently-Asked Questions
about the USS Alabama Memorial Park

Is USS Alabama haunted?

There are rumors that the ship is haunted by the spirits of eight men who were killed by friendly fire. However, most crewmates say the ship is ghost-free. It's definitely not meant to be a scary attraction so don't worry about being spooked while your on the ship.

Where can I find coupons for the museum?

While the museum isn't particularly expensive, you can find online coupons to relieve the cost of your tickets. Check some out here.

What is the USS Alabama app?

People who want a bit more interactivity on the tour can download the USS Alabama app if they use Google Play or Android phones. On the app you can play games and learn about the ship, making it perfect for young kids who might not understand everything right away.
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